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Discover Secrets and Make Corporate Leaders From Your Children. Today!

Leadership Qualities Acquired Today

VictoMind helps your child obtain Leadership Skills required at the best Consulting Firms like MBB (McKenzie, Bain and Boston Consulting Group) and the Fortune 500 corporations. 

The Program focuses on 3 most critical areas:

  • Mathematical Accuracy; 
  • Soft skills; and
  • Techniques
Some of us are taught to perceive personal achievements in a modest way.  At Victo Mind we believe in not only expanding children capability but also developing confidence AND presenting these outstanding skills in full.

And here is the reason behind it: today being purely smart is not enough for future executives.  Majority of schools teach that being smart would get us where we want – and we lay the base foundation for that using the Victo Mind Mental Math using Mental Abacus to develop both brain hemispheres.  Now comes a paradox – if we get our peers help us sometimes this is called ‘cheating’.  Yet when we advance into professional life we realize that we have to get our peers help us.  Strange enough, this time it is called – Leadership and we help children build these fundamental skills using the Victo Mind Soft Skills Program.

Child Development

We believe that our children intensively develop mainly in the age interval between 4 to 12.  This is the most critical time for our children to develop:

  • ability to accurately do rapid calculations and process large amount of data
  • speaking and proper voice skills
  • fast reading
  • leadership skills
  • self confidence

Our program focuses on building above skills.

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Mental Math

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Soft Skills

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