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Hey there, my name is Rustam Kichin and I am one of members of this unusual site! I went to a classical 1980s school and found education to be hard yet well deserving the effort.  I didn’t have my own computer like this boy on the image above 🙂

Today technology advanced so much that information became hard to manage.  This is something unseen before.  On top of that, time started flying faster than ever and days and months pass like one hour or week. People became less social and more dependent on apps and phones.

I started thinking of my own kids who will have to efficiently navigate in this fast paced environment and abundance of information and processes. I teamed with specialists to come up with this Victomind Program that offers foundation brain enhancement via Mental Math and further advances children’s ability to efficiently integrate socially.

Our mission is to bring optimum skills to our children required of them today

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Rustam Kichin