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The Basic Facts of Math Tutor Toronto

Math is like a foreign language and there is going to be a set of words you might not know. Math is a subject your kids should begin learning early in the life because the fundamentals of math skills will permit your children to learn and solve the true life troubles. It is a good idea to learn Math with seriousness to enjoy many advantages in future. Hence, learning Math with seriousness is a significant aspect of a person’s education.

You have heard of or seen other students mastering math easily. There are two main reasons for this: their math background comes from country other than Canada or they have a strong math tutor.

Math Tutor Toronto: the Ultimate Convenience!

If you become aware of your child struggling with one or more subjects, whether in elementary school, middle school or high school, it’s to her or his benefit to start math classes with a tutor that may help them master the subject and be in a position to boost their grades. All children have different capability for and speed of learning. With the aid of a tutor, your kid could commence working toward their math objectives. As a parent, do not think that he or she is left in the lurch. Such children learn a whole lot more when they’re given freedom to ask questions and experiment to discover the things that they will need to learn. Moreover, parents can talk to a teacher to learn more about background and plan. All parents want to see their children succeed in school.

Victomind Scarborough location is conveniently located near Scarborough Town Center Mall, Scarborough Civic Center, Service Canada and TTC terminal. Leave your child for the math session and enjoy small shopping in the STC Mall.

Math Tutor Toronto at a Glance

Students are generally motivated as more special effects may be used to excite their imagination. After the student can express the solution of that math problem orally, the pupil needs to be encouraged to compose the steps which were required to attain the answer. Struggling at school can cause students to drop confidence, which then affects their performance and individual relationships.

Students can ask questions directly to our math tutor.  They may have come across these questions that were found hard to ask at school classroom because of less period of time. Taking the aid of an in-class math tutor, the students may also communicate with different students that are also attending the lecture session. Most students aren’t aware they actually know the topic they just need to give it a go. The students require motivation. A huge portion of tutoring involves motivating the children to learn, particularly for the subjects like Math. More often than not, they have a phobia related to a particular subject or its specific topic.  You are going to be dealing with students with diverse paces of learning.

Get in Touch with Math Tutor Toronto Before You’re Too Late

Direct in-class tutoring can be found in math, science, and writing, along with reading. Direct in-class tutoring is also readily available for middle school and higher school students. Direct in-class tutoring is the one most effective approach to help your son or daughter get much better marks at school. Whether you wish to know where to book direct in-class tutoring or you wish to understand what’s in it for your son or daughter, here is what you should know about the benefits of our tutoring for children.

Aside from providing help the in-class math tutor will develop your confidence in handling the subject. Also, besides becoming professionally experienced with a variety of math subjects, our mathematics tutors are completely devoted to aligning the tutoring expertise to every respective pupil.

The very first rationale is because we’ve got exceptional tutors that are expert in teaching their subject. A tutor will also aid your son or daughter learn strategies to help them learn whilst in the classroom, together with test-taking strategies. On-line math tutor is available here in Toronto so that you can get assistance from them and can receive the solution for your any issue. He is available on select days so please check timing to get high quality educational services.

The word mathematics comes from Ancient Greek μάθημα (máthēma), meaning “that which is learnt”, “what one gets to know”, hence also “study” and “science.”Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss labeled the Princeps mathematicorum (the foremost of mathematicians), and perhaps the greatest mathematician since antiquity, called mathematics the “queen of the sciences” because it was successful at uncovering the nature of physical reality. Mathematics lays the foundation for a better understanding of everyday life as it develops one’s problem-solving skills, one’s analytical skills, and one’s reasoning and logic skills. Mathematics spans the fields of accounting, architecture, artificial intelligence, computing, economics, engineering, finance, music, science, sports, technology, and many other work functions. Hence, Mathematics is a crucial skill for you – the future generations of employees, entrepreneurs, and scholars. We, at Math Tutor Toronto, welcome the opportunity to help your Grade 9 child develop this critical skill.

Why Umar at Math Tutor Toronto?

Mr. Umar Maharaj, our Mathematics tutor, is a respected educator who has successfully helped students in grades 4 to grades 9 realize their potential for over 15 years. Specifically,

  • For five (5) years, Umar led the EQAO testing for his institution. This lead to the school reaching the #1 spot in the province in 2018.
  • His preparation of students for Mathematics competitions as Pythagoras, Euler, and Lagrange for the past four (4) years resulted in the school surpassing the Canadian average with students obtaining gold medals and certificates of distinctions.
  • Umar’s personalized tutoring in core subjects led to the acceptance of 80+% of his students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and these students have placed in the top 5% of their respective classes at prestigious schools.
  • The counseling Umar has provided to his school’s alumni students led to 90% of placement in an honors list at their individual schools.
  • Alumni students have gained entry into highly competitive tertiary programs as Mathematics, Computer Science, Life Sciences, and Nanotechnology at coveted Canadian universities with entrance fellowships.

Umar’s mission is to ensure students can thrive in today’s world. As a result, his approach is holistic to engage students and to stimulate their learning inside and outside the classroom. Umar uses elements of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gerome Bruner’s Concrete Pictorial Abstract instructional approach (successfully adopted by Singapore). He utilizes multiple teaching strategies like whole-class discussions, individual work, real-world applications, interactive activities, projects, technology, and more to cater to the learning abilities of his students.

Umar has completed all coursework for a Ph.D. and Ph.D. comprehensive examinations in macroeconomics and International Economics. To keep himself at his peak, Umar sets aside time each week for some of his other favorite activities. These include exercising, sports, and his continuous learning – positive activities he advocates his students participate in for their overall health and success. Umar is a revert to Islam and currently teachers at an Islamic school in Scarborough.


  • In-person, small class size tutoring
  • Reasonable fees
  • Conveniently located at Scarborough Town Centre TTC stop.

TESTIMONIALS on Mr. Umar Maharaj’s teaching abilities


“You are the best Math teacher ever.”

“You are an amazing teacher; made Math fun and easy. You taught me the value of hard work and always kept all of us motivated.”

“I am fortunate to have a hardworking and caring teacher like you.”

“To the one whom I learned the most from…the one who always stuck with me…the one who refused to give up on my education…a million thanks.”


“He guided and mentored both of my children with great dedication laying a solid mathematical foundation in their skill set. He teaches such that Math becomes fun for students per my observation.”

Regarding a highly gifted student…” Mr. Maharaj has excelled beyond our expectations. He has have been flexible in his teaching methods to allow our child the opportunity to learn…one of the most knowledgeable and excellent teachers we have ever met…professional, courteous, respectful, caring, supportive…”

“His passion for Mathematics and academic excellence is aspiring. Mr. Maharaj is known to find creative ways to teach concepts until students understand.”

“Outstanding role model…Your creativity and enthusiasm for Mathematics made this subject our child’s preferred subject…outstanding teacher with the ability to connect with students and parents…”

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