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We are happy to offer online-based Victomind mental math program at our Scarborough Ontario location. Please choose date/time that works best for you and your child (or advise other timing) so we can start the journey to your “Smart Confident Child”.

The address is 60 Town Centre Court, Scarborough, ON M1P 0B1, Canada, located very close to the Scarborough Town Center 647-782-5868.

Check for more info right below the form!

This location is conveniently located at McCowan and 401 Highway in Scarborough, close to Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Malls and Cineplex. It is walking distance from the STC station or STC Mall parking lot.

Scarborough Town Center Location is now Open for Smart Confident Children. Join fun environment where kids learn through play. Students attend 1.5 hour class (90 minutes) once a week and do daily homework on phones, tablets or computers.

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