My children were lacking speed and concentration so we decided to enroll them in the mental math program offered by one of the leading mental math providers in the North America. Registration done, money paid and Abacus and books purchased -> all they needed was to soar like rockets!

We did start to see positive results in the beginning.  Our children started demonstrating better concentration, could remember events beyond their regular memory span and overall appeared to be affected by the program in a better way.

“Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that does not make you who you are, it is the rest of it- who you choose to be”  ― Soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 2

Their class had a mix of various age children and I could not understand if I was getting results for money paid (I paid more than $100 per child per month, cannot disclose exact amount).  At times I had to stand outside of the glass door and make myself visible to their teacher to ensure my children were given adequate attention.

When I asked to explain methods available to me as a parent to track their progress compared to other peer students or show KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, my consulting professional background spells out at times ♥), that local mental math center owner went into lengthy explanation of the holistic nature of the mental math program.

I am not blaming this local program owner as he must have explained overall program structure and features.  Should he have had these KPIs or metrics to show, I am sure he would be more than willing and happy to demonstrate them.
I perfectly understand there are things you cannot measure or see like events happening in the child brain when undergoing a specific program.  Yet, I know for a fact there are derivative (or resulting) processes or characters that may indicate exact progress.  Long story short, there was not a clear exchange of results for exact money paid (I never paid ‘holistic’ amounts of money).

Lack of this particular feature later impacted our decision to include transparency in the Victomind Mental Math program that allows parents and teachers see exact level of each child, number of examples done for each day (all the way to minute and second!) and understand what particular level kids are struggling with.

Detailed stats like exercise logs are available to teacher and the Victomind center owner and can be provided to parents upon request. Parents have an access to their children’s online platform that shows number of homework and training exercises done during the last week.

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