Victomind Mental Math Program

Victomind Mental Math Program uses Japanese Abacus and the Victomind Software to teach kids rapid accurate calculation and enhance their learning capabilities.

It is powered by the Electronic Online Software – UNLIKE other programs!

Computer generated unlimited examples

The Victomind Mental Math Program employs unique algorithm that generates unlimited number of examples. Other programs offer pre-designed printed sheets of paper, or electronic pre-made spreadsheets at most. No need to spend money on buying books with examples!

The Victomind software generates unlimited number of examples that focus on a specific rule and do not conflict with other higher not yet studied rules. It however does include previously studied rules to practice.

Allows own pace

Children have an option of setting their starting point by choosing practice rules, number of digits, speed between examples and a number of examples. For example, our student can choose to practice rule ‘Simple 7’ in 2-digits at a speed of 0.5 second and a total of 25 generated examples. Once successful at this setting, another choice may be to practice at 0.4 second speed and increase total number of examples.

Bonus points shown to students

Your child earns points for successfully doing homework. These points encourage children to do homework successfully and allow purchasing gifts at the Victomind local center.  Children tend to navigate to their ‘wallet’ often after successfully doing each stage of the homework.  Be ready to hear “How much do I have now?” question every time your child achieves success!

Allows remote classes to students who travel

Our teachers practice online classes using Zoom app for students who cannot attend due to various reasons (traveling, sickness, etc.). This is how flexible the Victomind Program is!

Full transparency

Parents and teachers have full transparency and know at what stage our students are. All statistics including exercise logs are available at any point in time. My personal confusion with another program was inability to understand how my children were progressing, what their true level was and whether teacher was giving adequate number of examples to practice.

Parents welcome to join

The best way to encourage your child to learn is to join the Victomind Mental Math Program and do exercises together, remind of outstanding homework and acquire another skill.

You may not calculate as fast your child yet MANY adults have noted sharper memory and faster brain work after taking mental math classes.

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